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  1. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Hi All, I was able to reach Domino Park today to have a look at the Big Sur blue Show car as well as the Henrik's Test Vehicle in action. I was able to meet a number of Ocean One owners and interact with them about the interest in the vehicle and why they chose to order an Ocean one edition. I...
  2. 2021+ Fisker Ocean News
    Fisker said the company will hit 50,000 Fisker Ocean reservations later today.
  3. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Lets post any updates on the Fisker Ocean here. This will help keep track of progress that is made instead of having multiple threads. :)
  4. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Fisker released a new photo of the PEAR EV earlier today, and it has a strikingly similar front-end as the Fisker Ocean. Earlier today, Henrik Fisker shared a new photo of the PEAR EV. If you look at the Fisker PEAR next to the Fisker Ocean, you can see many striking similarities in the design...
  5. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Fisker has talked about possible feature upgrades for Ocean Ultra and Sport, but what can they offer without cannibalizing Extreme sales? The Fisker Ocean Extreme comes fully loaded. They’ll have every single bell and whistle offered by Fisker. Well, maybe everything except for Optional...
  6. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Full presentation is here: Latest Fisker Investor Presentation with Business Update | Fiskerati
  7. 2021+ Fisker Ocean Dealers, Prices And Orders
    What color are you looking to get on your Ocean? Great White: Night Drive: Horizon Gray: Mariana: Big Sur Blue: Silver Lining: Blue Planet:
  8. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Based on available information, we attempted to simplify features on each Fisker Ocean trim level using a feature matrix. When putting together our feature matrix, we made a few assumptions. Just like the average consumer would probably do. For example, the Multi-Collision Braking feature is...
  9. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    We publish a weekly newsletter called #ThisWeekInFisker. You can subscribe for free and will get updates with news stories straight to your inbox once a week. Fiskerati Newsletter #ThisWeekInFisker - Revue
  10. 2021+ Fisker Ocean News
    Combined Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR reservations stand at 36.5k according to our analysis. As of today, our independent analysis shows 36,500 combined reservations for Fisker Ocean and PEAR electric vehicles. The company confirmed 33k reservations on 2/28. It is likely Fisker won’t share...
  11. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Fisker Experience Centers aren’t needed in every location to convert more than 50% of Fisker Ocean reservations. Not all Fisker Ocean reservation holders will need to visit a Fisker Experience Center to complete their electric vehicle purchase. In fact, more than half of reservation holders are...
  12. 2021+ Fisker Ocean General Discussion Forum
    Magna International, Fisker’s manufacturing partner, supports Ukraine and will be idling its Russian operations. Magna International, parent company of Magna Steyr, will be suspending its Russian operations. Fisker and Magna announced their partnership at the end of 2020. The Fisker Ocean will...
  13. 2021+ Fisker Ocean News
    Why Fisker won’t need to raise prices until it has pricing power Things are different at Fisker. The company is future forward and has a disruptive business model. As explained by Henrik, Fisker Inc is a digital mobility company with a vehicle OTA (over the air) lifetime business model that...
1-13 of 13 Results