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Henrik Fisker lead a press event at the LA Auto Show to share details about the production version of the Ocean EV.
Below are some images from the event and details provided by the CEO himself.

  • Three trim levels available (Sport, Ultra, and Extreme)
  • The base Sport model will start at $37,500 and will have the smaller LFP battery and FWD with 250 miles of range
  • Upper trim Ultra and Extreme models will have a bigger NMC battery pack, AWD and 340-350 miles of range
  • Extreme model comes standard with auto industry's largest solar roof
  • 14 paint colors will be available
  • Fisker says they've received 19,000 preorders
  • Shorter development time allows for in-car technology to be much more current than typical vehicles, says Fisker
  • First deliveries are on track for Nov. 2022, but Fisker thinks some may be finished ahead of schedule
  • cars will be available on a flexible lease program where they can be traded in at any time
  • the fleet of leased cars will be refurbished between customers, and serve a 12-year lifespan, after which they'll be fully recycled
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Highlights from Fisker's press release:

• Fisker staged the global reveal of its Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV on the first media day at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show.
• The Fisker Ocean is priced from $37,499 for the Sport trim level, before federal and state tax credits and incentives.
• The all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Ultra is priced at $49,999.
• The all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Extreme is priced at $68,999.
• The first 5,000 Fisker Oceans produced will be launch editions carrying the Fisker Ocean One designation priced at $68,999, with extra standard equipment, including 22” F3 SlipStream wheels.
• The Fisker Ocean revealed in Los Angeles is a production-intent design, with manufacturing to commence on Nov. 17, 2022, at Magna-Steyr’s carbon-neutral factory in Graz, Austria.
• Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker detailed the Fisker Ocean’s sustainable design features, technical specifications, vehicle trim levels, performance capabilities, and driver-assist technologies.
• Key features include California Mode, for a near-convertible SUV experience, and Fisker’s SolarSky roof, available on the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One. The SolarSky roof adds additional, emissionfree miles.
• The highlight of the press conference was the world’s first look at Fisker’s 17.1-inch Revolve1 screen. This infotainment interface rotates from a portrait Control Mode configuration to a landscape Hollywood Mode at the push of a button.
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