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A Real Life look at the 20" Aero Blade Wheels.

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I don't understand, how can the tires be skinny if the only difference between the 22 and 20 is the aspect ratio ? Aren't they both a 255 width tire ?

Also, has it been confirmed that the stock mags under the ugly plastic covers look like the post above ?? If that's the case, these wheels look good imho...
These are some fine looking wheels once you remove the ugly covers ! I just wonder if they are really 7.5 inches wide. If both the 20 and 22 have 255 wide tires on them, 7.5 seems way too narrow for this. They should both be the same width... I do agree that the tires on the 20s could be much better though.
Yep, that's great. Now I'm wondering what's the real impact of removing the covers on mileage. Is it 5 miles or is 150? Lol
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1 - 3 of 32 Posts