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A Real Life look at the 20" Aero Blade Wheels.

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Funny thing is there aren't many 20x7.5 inch wheels on aftermarket, which is the stock wheel size. I reckon I'll have to go to 8 or 8.5. hopefully this doesn't penalize range much, but I'm thinking it shouldn't if it's the same tire profile.
We are all under impression those wheels above are under the Aero covers. I think they are fine though. I think I like the F5s the most now.
So as much as I prefer the look of the 22's - I went with the 20's (with plans to really never keep the aero covers on) for a different reason than originally intended.

Fisker had expected a ~20 mile range impact for the 22's, which was significant enough for me to lean that way initially but upon learning the real world impact, I ultimately decided to stick with the 20's for ride quality.

I live in a very rural area - lots of unpaved and unkempt roads that I drive on with regular basis and from the look of the sidewalls on the 22"s - I can imagine feeling every rock, pothole and crack in my teeth just by looking at them.

I've been curious why so many people have immediately opted for the 22"s knowing that there are impacts both to ride quality but also ongoing costs for the tires themselves.

As a person who lives in a Northern city riddled with potholes, I also want the 20s. BUT if I was buying a One, I would prob go for the 22s to get bang for the buck. My other guess is that a lot of people live in places with nice roads.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts