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ABANDON SHIP!: Toyota most traded OEM to jump from ICE to BEV

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The the 2nd consecutive year, Toyota drivers are abandoning the Toyota "Ship"
to cruise with next generation Electric Vehicle manufacturers

TOP OEM brands to abandon the ICE vehicle market
1) Toyota Motors : 12 % trade-ins for BEV market
2) Ford Motors : 8 % trade-ins for BEV market
3) BMW Motors : 8 % trade-ins for BEV market
4) Honda Motors : 7 % trade-ins for BEV market

To summarize, MANY MANY petrol owners are "jumping ship" and buying BEV vehicles.
The second most surprising fact I see that SUV petrol vehicles are traded in for BEV sedans!

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Probably because there are plenty of boring Telsas for all the boring Toyota drivers.
Ÿou may be correct ......
Why does this mean once GigaMexico is live and producing Tesla 2 compacts for $25,000 US?

Toyota and Honda represent 29% of the Tesla Conquest Sales....
The highest amongst the OEM petrol manufacturers
I cannot find the actual breakdown between Toyota and Honda Conquests

"The top five Model Y conquests are
1) Lexus RX
2) Honda CR-V,
3) Toyota RAV4,
4) Honda Odyssey,
5) Honda Accord.

The top five Tesla Model 3 conquests are:
1)Honda Civic,
2) Honda Accord,
3)Toyota Camry,
4)Toyota RAV4,
5)Honda CR-V,

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Automotive News highlights the eight automotive brands that are struggling to retain customers.
Car shoppers (referred to as "nomads") tend to leave see OEM brands the most: (alphabetical order)
Acura, Audi, Dodge, GMC, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Ram, and Volkswagen

However, Tesla conquests are MOSTLY Toyota & Honda

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Now back to the premise....Toyota & Honda are LOSING the greatest marketshare Tesla
Up until Sept 2022,
Toyota loss share to Tesla: 15.5 %. (29,233 Toyota behicle loss)
Honda loss share to Tesla : 13.3 %. (25,403 Honda vehicle loss)

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