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Well I sure haven’t called them yet, but I’ve had some experience in that dept :oops:

I had one of the first rounds of BMW i3’s. My insurance company didn’t have any idea what to do. They had to insure me, but it took a few months for them to get their heads together to figure out what the hell to do. I mean, this car had a carbon fiber “life shell”. How in the heck do you fix that after an accident? So my insurance was about 20% higher than I thought it should be if I remember until a full year went by and suddenly they had a clue what they should charge. My insurance went down that 20 to 30% after a year. I remember being pretty happy about that.

Then, I was first in Oregon to get a Jaguar FPace. Same thing, there was no file in their system that says “we need to charge this guy this much” because it’s Jag’s first SUV. So once again there was this few month period where they had to just make up a figure and get around to prices averaging out over the year.

Once more, it looks like I’ll be first to get an Ocean in Oregon (at least there’s no other Oregon Oceans listed on the reservation form). So here we go again! At least it’s a conventional body shape and conventional materials so it shouldn’t be too hard. Guessing, they’ll just look at it like a Tesla Model Y.

I‘m assuming that anyone buying Rivians and all the others are terrorizing their insurance agents too.

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Obviously too early at this point. But I would suggest getting a good insurance broker or call a dozen or more companies for quotes. When I got my Model 3, one of the first in my state, I got huge differences in the pricing. I ended switching to a different company that had good rates and discounts for home and auto bundling. I have 100/300/100 coverage. Since the value of everything is higher over the last five to ten years, maybe go higher than that.
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