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Coming Soon: Fisker Experience Center @ The Grove LA

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Fiskerinos....are you hungry for more!

Fisker Inc is building its Premiere Showcase Storefront location in The Grove Shopping Centre in Los Angeles.

I believe , any Fisker Ocean reservation holder will be entitled to a real-life Test Drive!

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The Grove Shopping Centre looks to be a Beverly Hills
premium shopping mecca!

Noticed Preferred Parking level 2 @ $24/day OR
Valet Parking for $30/day (5 hours)

Henrik has chosen well to showcase the Fisker Ocean to this
wealthy demographic in BH

Looks like there are SIX Fisker Experience Centers planned for 2022

"Fisker Inc shared plans for global brand experience centers. This first wave will begin with an inaugural location in Los Angeles, followed by a European center in Munich.
Both are scheduled to open their doors sometime in the first half of 2022.

These “Fisker Brand Experience Centers” will give curious consumers the opportunity to experience the automaker’s vehicle(s) up close and to speak to experts on location

Henrik Fisker, shares his thoughts:
we are simultaneously focused on crafting our customer journey. Our brand experience centers will be the primary physical touchpoint for the majority of our prospective customers.

Our global rollout plans are focused on the largest metropolitan areas for electric vehicle adoption – and where we can meet the greatest number of our reservation holders.

In addition to Los Angeles and Munich, Fisker Inc. has Brand Experience Centers planned for other major cities like London, (U.K.) New York, (US) Miami (US) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

This second wave of brick and mortar locations is currently slotted for the second half of 2022.
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No Opening Date yet!

I believe it will be located in unit G70
(No positive confirmation from Fisker)

This Fisker Experiemce Cemter location is on the right side of VINCE, a women & men's apparel store
Fisker Experience Centre at The Grove, Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, Ca
Plant Sky Daytime Building Street light
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.trying to get more info about the ACTUAL Opening Date at The Grove.....
I get nothing but crickets!
Rumour has it that Reservation Holders can drive the Ocean to the ocean
to play frisbee on Venice Beach if you show up wearing your board shorts!

If ya got da time, I got da place!
Check out the world-famous Petersen Auto Museum

The Grove Shopping complex in Beverley Hills, LA has confirmed :
NO official Opening Date yet.

Please, keep checking The Grove website for further updates
“Our brand experience centers will be the primary physical touchpoint for the majority of our prospective customers.”

Fisker Experience Centre
(coming soon to a showroom near you)

Fisker will have nearly a half dozen Brand Experience Centers open globally by year-end.

The first Fisker Brand Experience Center will open in Los Angeles sometime over the next few months in The Grove ShoppIng Centre (

Fisker Brand Experience Centers will follow in Munich GERMANY, London ENGLAND, New York City USA, Miami USA and Copenhagen DENMARK

These physical stores will be the first time many prospective customers will get to interact with the Fisker brand.

They will be able to look and touch the Fisker Ocean and speak with product experts. Customers will be able to take a test drive.

Each Fisker Brand Experience Center will be the same format from one city to the next. This will allow the company to scale to metropolitan areas that are likely to have the highest electric vehicle adoption or where they can meet the greatest number of our reservation holders.
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The Grove Shopping Centre celebrates 20 Years of Existence
Photograph Product Green Plant Vehicle
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Farmer’s Maket for dinner it is!
I gather you approve of the location (The Grove) for Fisker’s
first Experience Centre
Just snagged this tidbit from Fisker Facebook...

Our first Fisker Experience Center will be opening at The Grove in Los Angeles this summer. Details will be announced soon so stay tuned!

Summer officially begins on Tuesday June 21, 2022!
So, fingers crossed for Fourth of July celebration
at The Grove in Beverley Hill, California
Another photo of the Fisker Experience Centre location at The Grove in Beverley Hills, CA
Footwear Jeans Sky Daytime Photograph
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EST. 2002
APPROX. 600,000 SQ. FT. | 100% LEASED

One of the highest-grossing shopping and entertainment centers in the country.

The Grove seamlessly fuses high-end retail with a heartwarming sense of community.

It’s a place where people spend whole days shopping, dining and connecting with loved ones

while strolling by the dancing fountain and soaking up the energy around them.
Water Sky Daytime Building Cloud

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The Grove is nice. I went there the last time I was in LA, back in 2019.
View attachment 650
Perhaps, you’re due for another trip….September 2022?
P.S. Bring your camera, mobile phone, measuring stick & Drivers License!
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Thx for adding two additional Fisker Experience Centres (totalling eight)
San Francisco, USA
Vienna, Austria

P.S. I believe the San Francisco FEC will be located in the Stanford Shopping Centre in Palo Alto 38 miles south of San Francisco
Ecoregion Water Map World Yellow

The Grove, Los Angeles, CA
The Fisker Brand Experience Center will be located at The Grove. The Grove is a popular fashion, shopping, dining and lifestyle destination with the best mix of retail, restaurants and entertainment. Fisker’s signature showroom will be directly across from AMC Movie Theaters.

Address: The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

San Francisco, CA
This location is coming soon!

New York City, NY
This location is coming soon!

Miami, FL
This location is coming soon!

Muich, Germany
Coming Summer 2022! (Historic Marienplatz)

London, England
This location is coming soon!

Copenhagen, Denmark
This location is coming soon!

Vienna, Austria
This location is coming soon!
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[Fisker] really needs to give us something to look at first hand to help the decision-making process.
I’ve been clamouring for Fisker Inc to increase its public awareness and displays to all North American & European EV enthusiasts since forever!

obviously, Fisker Inc has chosen to go the low cost route (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) rather than the brick & mortar route (public car shows, pop-up store for EU only)
@Fiskerati says
“The first Fisker Experience Center will be at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. The site is currently under construction. Fisker aims to open the Los Angeles location by August [2022]”
There’s Good News and Bad News!

Good News: All Eight Fisker Experience
Centers will open in 2022

Bad News:
The first Experience Center at The Grove in Beverley Hills, California will now open in November 2022

The Grove site has experienced construction delays with building supplies and city permitting.

Reservation Holders: Test drives will
be given at the Fisker Experience Centres!!!!
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