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Deliveries - to where next weeks ??

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I have seen enough. I guess the first norwegian location will be built in Vestby,
not far from Oslo. The staff in Norway starts Juli 1.
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Sorry, not meaning for you to think I am attacking. I am just concerned for you.
Its pretty obvious to all you were making personal attacks

This is an Ocean forum you dumb zero braincelled baboon. Elon had lied to you 1000 times and I provided a link. You are not relevant.
You are talking about bread crumbs. Tesla has proven themselves. When it comes to selling EV cars, nobody has done it better than them. Fact. At this point FIsker is struggling just to sell/deliver 5,000 cars. Trust, Me and Elon are laughing at Fisker all day. I told you, let Fisker deliver at least 15,000 cars (still a minuscule number) first. At least we will then know Fiskers mouth is not all smoke and mirrors

People on these forums care about me more than they care for you. Be mad. I actually bring intellectual conversation.
I couldn't care less what people think about you, nor what you bring. This is the internet, I don't know you, you are just an internet name to me. You simply have 1 view out of 200+ million people in America on Fisker. But no matter what you say, facts are all Fisker has done is made broken promises and delayed everything. The last promise yet to be broken is that all 5,000 Oceans will be delivered by september. Clearly that may not even be possible. Nobody would bet Vegas odds on that, that's for sure. If that last goalpost is moved, most people here will still tout Fisker is the king over Tesla. Pure madness...

Yall take this too serious. Just strange you want thee Fisker clout on here.

@Administrator You have to be more active on these forums. Trolls are running rampant.
mods should take care of the people doing personal attacks if they actually want to be fair. According to you though, everybody has me blocked, so nobody could see me trolling even if I was...

If you go back and look at all the closed/locked topics, its because people like you and others shoot personal attacks, and then claim the person you attacked a troll when they respond back in your same fashion....

Have a Tesla. Want an Ocean. Definitely smell my name right.
cool story bro
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Guys... This is getting fun. I'm popping over to get my pop corn. I'll arrange a boxing match between you both and well all be quids in.

Tesla performance has a point. And let's hope Herick don't turn into a Musk.
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