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Email: First North American Fisker Ocean Deliveries Planned for June

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Fisker Ocean Deliveries Planned for June
Your update for the latest Fisker Ocean production news.

Hello Brian,
As a Fisker reservation holder, we are providing you with an update regarding the Fisker Ocean production and delivery timelines in North America.
The First Wave
We expect our earliest North American vehicle deliveries will take place in late June. A variety of factors, including delivery speed and the logistics capabilities of our delivery centers will determine the first wave of vehicles delivered. Customers who are part of the first wave of deliveries will start receiving their estimated delivery dates via email as early as Friday, May 26.
The Next Wave
Our priority will be to finalize the production and delivery of the remaining 5,000 Fisker Ocean Ones to all initial launch markets. For those in the next wave, we will provide you with updates regarding your Ocean One estimated delivery date by month, week, and exact delivery date as those dates approach.
As a reminder, your unique Ocean One number sequence does not dictate the order or timing of your delivery. Vehicle delivery timing will be based on our regional rollout and is not dependent upon the assigned vehicle number.
I don't remember hearing that the number doesn't dictate your delivery time but that's good news to me, who has a 4XXX number.
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And for the slow learners: Køretøjsidentifikationsnummer is just VIN. Yes Danish is very straight forward.
Thought it was some delicious Danish pastry they were giving to all new ONE owners.
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Same here in Germany as in Denmark
(translated via Google Translate from german) :

Hello Stefan,

We are pleased to announce that your vehicle will be available for collection between 14/6 and 30/6. Please note that the suggested time slot is currently an estimate. We will inform you of the exact date in the first week of June 2023.

Your Fisker Ocean with Package One is intended for production and has been given a vehicle identification number: VCF1ZBE2XPG001xxx

Your next steps may include:

Trade-in vehicle inspection schedule. If you have expressed an interest in trading in your vehicle, we will contact you and inform you of the next steps.

Applying for funding. If you have expressed interest in FISKER FINANCESM, you will be contacted by a FISKER FINANCE representative to complete your application.

insurance of your vehicle. We are pleased to be able to offer you a comprehensive solution with FISKER INSURANCE powered by Helvetia. Click here to learn more.

Completion of the approval. In the next few days you will receive a link from our service provider DAD* ([email protected]) that will guide you through the process - please follow the link and the instructions on the portal.

Depending on where you live, the authorities require the original documents, or scans are sufficient. Our partner will guide you step by step through the process and required documents.

The following documents are required for the registration of your vehicle: identity card, SEPA direct debit mandate for vehicle tax, EVB number (insurance), personal number plate, if desired, authorization for the registration of your vehicle by the DAD.

Custom number plates - personal number plates. If you would like to reserve a custom number plate for your vehicle, please check availability on the website of your local registration office.

payment request. If you have selected cash payment, you will be asked to transfer the remaining amount. Once you have completed FISKER FINANCESM, your next step is to arrange for your deposit to be transferred, if agreed. We will keep you informed and give you enough time to make your payment.

Scheduling vehicle pickup. We will contact you as the vehicle pickup date approaches to arrange a time that works best for you.

Collection of your vehicle. When it is time to collect your vehicle, please bring all the required documents that you will find in your reminder email.

As a token of our gratitude, you'll receive a custom Fisker keychain. The keyfobs, which are exclusive to Fisker Ocean Package One owners, will be provided to you when you collect your vehicle. Thank you again for choosing Fisker and sharing our vision of a cleaner future for all.
That's a great news! Congratulations! Things are moving, as you get specific time frame. Looking forward to receive email soon. But here in US it probably won't happen until July. Discrimination... ;)
Yes, I know it’s Swedish not Danish, but who is old enough to remember Monty Python?
Font Darkness Terrestrial plant Brand

And for the slow learners: Køretøjsidentifikationsnummer is just VIN. Yes Danish is very straight forward.
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køretøjsidentifikationsnummer means whoever wrote the e-mail just had a stroke
Seems like just saying “VIN” is sooooo much easier
Seems like just saying “VIN” is sooooo much easier
I prefer FIN (Fahrzeugidentikationsnummer) 😝
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Actually køretøjsidentifikationsnummer is Google translate for VIN. The correct Danish term is stelnr. (chassis no.)
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