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InsideEVs does frequent testing of new EVs with their standardized 70 MPH test. The most recent one is on the new BMW iX. They achieve 345 miles at 70 MPH. Pretty impressive beating EPA by 6.5%. What's also interesting is that the EPA numbers for the car are explicitly listed for the three wheels sizes of 20", 21", and 22". Which we don't see very often.

Normally, the larger the wheel, the less efficient. 20" gets EPA 324 miles, 21" 305 and 22" 315. They noted that the 22" wheels are possibly lighter/more aero since they get better numbers than the 21"

It will be interesting to see the differences between the Ocean 20" aero stealth, 22" airglider, and 22" slipstream. I'm hoping that Fisker can finalize EPA numbers close to their estimated ones listed now.

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