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Henrik Fisker Customer Experience Brand Fiskerati

The asset-light approach allows Fisker to laser focus on design and customer experience and partner with others for the rest.

Fisker has a unique asset-light business model for a car maker. Following in the footsteps of Apple, it allows them to focus on their core competencies. Fisker’s core competencies are design and customer experience. The company is able to deploy their core capabilities and intellectual property in areas where it can gain a competitive advantage. See the chart below.

This strategy, together with capable partners, allows Fisker to work on multiple electric vehicle projects at the same time. Currently, the company is publicly working on the Fisker Ocean, PEAR, and RŌNIN. Fisker also has several other undisclosed projects in the works.

As noted in the investor presentation, Fisker’s partners allow them to drive scale, stay lean, de-risk, and move fast in areas where differentiation is not important. Fisker gets to focus on what they are good at. They partner with other companies for the rest (their non-core competencies). For instance, Fisker relies on strategic partners for contract manufacturing, lease financing, and public charging among others. All of this is part of the asset-light operating model...Read More.
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