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Fisker has revealed an ambitious price point for its upcoming Ocean all-electric luxury crossover, starting with a low (refundable) deposit of $250 and a monthly lease price of $279.

Handing over two Franklins and a Grant to Fisker gets you on the reservation list, which is now available via its website and a dedicated app. The amount is refundable too, in case you change your mind between now and the Ocean’s proposed production start of late 2021.

The monthly cost for the Ocean won’t be much more either, with Fisker announcing a lease rate of $379 per month. That does come with a one-time down payment of $2,999, however. Perhaps more surprising than the low lease rate is that there won’t be a hard term limit. Ocean drivers will be able to pick their own lease duration, with 30,000 miles available annually.

A purchase price is unavailable at this time, with Fisker stating it “will sell a very limited number of vehicles in response to numerous global customer requests for a purchase option.”
What will folks that plunk down the money get come 2022? We have to wait until January to see the entire Ocean, but a new teaser did accompany the pricing announcement. The profile shot gives a clear indication of the intended market, with a Range Rover Evoque-like shallow glasshouse and kicked-up window line. Fisker is targeting a range of somewhere between 250 and 300 miles per charge, with a roughly 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack providing the juice. The roof gets a full-length solar panel to add a small amount of electrons to the mix.

Fisker—the man himself—has a knack for well-designed cars of course, having penned numerous BMWs and Astons before designing the Fisker Karma. No, not this Fisker: that was Fisker Automotive, this is Fisker Inc. The former was bought up a few years ago, with the Karma hybrid sedan being rebadged… as the Karma Revero. Confusing? Slightly.
Fisker (Inc) is also touting the renewable resources that have gone into the Ocean, including reused fishing nets, old bottles and t-shirts, and the rubber waste from tire production.

We’ll get a closer look at the Ocean at its public unveiling in January 2020. From there it will be making appearances at shopping centers and airports throughout the year, before production is set to start late 2021.
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