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Fisker Ocean ONE range teaser

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From HF today:

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Oh man. Henrik can't don't anything right. So many screwups even on This post...! The mans a comedian... Needs to stop posting.

One thing you can't say about Henrik is he lies. Remember when he promised solid state batteries ... You all were laughing. Even the company that he was working with was a scam... Well we got to eat humble pie. Not only is this a solid state battery charging at 37kw in 1 minute but the efficiency on this thing... 357 miles on 37kw... No wonder he got Boeing Engineers involved..

Well done Henrik!

Keep posting and us entertained.
I don't read that as being buggy. Either the "1 min" was time since last charge &/or "356 miles added" was since the car was last driven (ie car had been unplugged then plugged back in to top off for the photo). That's not a problem with bugs, but with simply tweaking the wording.
Mate..... I'm sorry..but.. too much kool aid.
So all this is a scam? Sorry Easter egg. The range, charge speed, GPS in Alaska all photoshopped. Guys building his 7th car and has not yet sold his first to a genuine customer.

I just don't know what to say.
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1 - 3 of 24 Posts