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Fisker Ocean ONE range teaser

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From HF today:

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So now we know for sure there are software bugs!

  • The picture shows a current range of 356 miles.
  • It also shows 356 miles added in the last charge, so the charge was 0-100%
  • That 100% charge was 37kWh, so the battery is much smaller than we thought!
  • 356 miles out of 37kWh would be (at least) Aptera levels of efficiency.
  • Adding 37kWh in a minute is not feasible without a battery swap.
I don't read that as being buggy. Either the "1 min" was time since last charge &/or "356 miles added" was since the car was last driven (ie car had been unplugged then plugged back in to top off for the photo). That's not a problem with bugs, but with simply tweaking the wording.
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