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Fisker Ocean ONE range teaser

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From HF today:

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356 miles of charge in less than a minute.
I don't read that as being buggy. Either the "1 min" was time since last charge &/or "356 miles added" was since the car was last driven (ie car had been unplugged then plugged back in to top off for the photo). That's not a problem with bugs, but with simply tweaking the wording.
A) Why would anyone need to know when their last charge was?

2) I'm guessing if this is the real software that the firmware had some kind of an update done that resets some numbers but not others. IE: Charging time reset to zero, miles added reset to maximum value (and likely the total range as well). kWh added was not reset. My Bolt EV would lose the trip efficiency numbers from a firmware update but not the trip meter.
Anyone else notice that the car that was just delivered to Henrik in Los Angeles, is now showing in downtown Juneau Alaska according to the vehicles GPS?
Apparently this was intentional because of the Alaska pickup truck model they are going to be making.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts