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Henrik Fisker said he will talk a bit about the Fisker PEAR tomorrow morning and will provide us a new image of the electric vehicle.

This afternoon, Fisker shared with us that he will be talking about the Fisker PEAR tomorrow morning. He will provide us some details about the PEAR EV, including a new photo of the electric vehicle.

According to Fisker, the Fisker PEAR is on target for 2024. The urban mobility device will starting below $29,900 before incentives.

Last week Henrik Fisker announced that the first prototype of the Fisker PEAR will be up and running by the end of 2023. This came just after he visited the Foxconn factory in Lordstown and shared a photo of his visit. The Foxconn assembly plant is the site where Fisker PEAR will be assembled in 2024.

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