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Bear with me if these questions are already answered elsewhere here, but I couldn't find them so far,
and I'm new to this forum:
1. Has the Ocean ONE a camera system allowing me to make films of the traffic in front of and at the
back of the car (I mean: switch for on/ off, no permanent filming), as I once had an uncomely expirience
on a local highway and a camera could help keeping records for such incidents.
2. Does the audio system of the ONE include a SD card slot (or similar) for the input of my music to it?

I already asked these questions to the Fisker service some months ago, but never got a reply on that.


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We know that the higher models will have surround view systems. But whether it can record, is not known. If feature is not active at the start of production, it is likely it could be added with an OTA update in the future.

Regarding the SD card slot. I have not seen any info on this or even what type of USB ports will be included (A or C?).
The press release has this info for all trim levels:

Bluetooth Device Connection
High-current USB

We all waiting for more info that hopefully will arrive in October. Personally, I think Fisker will only use USB or Bluetooth for all media connections.

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I believe Tesla calls this Sentry mode, and I really want something similar on the Fisker.
I have now been seeing ads on Youtube for 3rd party devices that practically have the same function, so all is not lost if it is not available in the Fisker.
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