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Good day everyone!

Nice to see so many Ocean enthusiasts and a cool forum.

A few things I am wondering;
(maybe someone already found the answer)
  • how would the Hollywood Mode screen actually be able to revolve? If it’s flush with the button compartment below it, it would touch this while revolving, so I can only guess it isn’t flush? Wondering how it will look…
  • any info on fast charging speed?
  • any news on the possibility to use Apple CarPlay or even Apple car key?

have a great day!

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Welcome to the Oceanforums

hopefully all your questions will be answered with the release
of the online Fisker Comfigurator (hopefully Sept 2022)

Fisker Ocean Ultra /Extreme & One CATL battery facts:
An 80 KWh? “high-capacity" pack using lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) chemistry
Charging Speed: up to 250 kw and Maximum Range 340 miles

The Ocean will be able to add around 100 miles range in under eight minutes
and an 80% charge in under 30 minutes
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