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Hi there, didn’t realize that a Fisker forum existed until today! Once I read about the Ocean (can’t believe I never saw it from so many EV publications) I put in a reservation on Jan 28 of this year (at near 30k reservations). How many guys are on here already??? I was one of the first Jaguar FPace members back when the Jag configurator first came on line. I was the first one to get a FPace -S in Oregon. Never saw another FPace for 6 months!

I am hoping for the First Edition, or the Extreme fully loaded, in Malibu blue.

Currently driving a 2016 Cadillac ELR. I rarely am in gas mode. It’s a fantastic car. The Fisker is the first all electric car I’m willing to go for.

Im looking forward to reading the posts On here. Thanks

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The Fisker is the first all electric car I’m willing to go for.
Music to our collective ears!
happy to hear you discovered the Oceanforums….
Fisker Inc hasn’t been the best of outreaching the US public

found the fourth Fisker Experience Centre will be in the San Francisco area.
Possible road trip for you to see the Ocean in person (sometime 2023)
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