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Fisker-ites- Greetings From Maine (USA, not France}
This writer who is an EV owner, has just take a chance on the PEAR Fisker EV and made the deposit and reservation of one.
Assuming I am not dead from natural causes before this seen the roads in the USA, I look forward to further news and the like, on this EV. Hence the reason I am here.
As we all know too well, there have been too many good EVs thought of, planned for, hoped for, built one of and more- that never see Reality. Then there are EVs like Aptera, which took A LONG TIME to see reality.
So, I join with all of you in the hope of things better.

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Here's to health, peace, and prosperity!
may the flower of Love never be nipped by the frost of disappointment,
nor the shadow of grief fall upon a member of this circle.

P.S. Congrats on the Jucy PEAR!
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