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Data nerds unite!

Key Finding - if you assume consistent depreciation curves across trims, then the Extreme is about $3200 more expensive to own over an Ultra with no options for 3 years ($600 of this is insurance).

I've created a model to compare the total cost to own of Ocean Trims and Ocean competitors.

Download a copy of the Excel to your computer: File--> Save As --> Download a copy
Fisker Automotive Financial Comparison Tool.xlsx

  1. Start with Initial Input tab and fill out your best guess of your situation.
  2. You can input your current car (tab) if you'd like, or just go tab by tab to review and update any assumptions you'd like to change (light blue cells) for Ocean Trims and Tesla Model Ys. Currently, the depreciation functions for each Ocean are the same, but would like your thoughts on this.
  3. Go to the first tab, Summary, to review the comparisons. The graphs can be a little hard to read, so you can see the data tables right below the graphs.

Of course, the assumptions driving the model are critical. You can change the assumptions, which are light blue cells in each tab, excluding the summary tab.
Critical assumptions currently in the model:
  • Used VW Id4 Pro AWD efficiency numbers for the Ocean, which I think is conservative.
  • Insurance costs are a swag, which go up slightly with MSRP. I did make Tesla Model Y insurance about $200 more per year than the Ocean.
  • For the Model Ys, I added the $6000 Enhanced autopilot package to match the Extreme/One options. Simply change the price as you'd like for different options with any car including the Ocean (Make the Ultra $57,000 if that's what you think the price would be on the car you'd actually buy).
  • The tax credit is included in the Ocean scenarios, and applies in 2024. If you don't qualify, want to add state incentives, or only qualify partially, you can update this.
  • Repairs and maintenance are estimates, with repair cost assumptions starting in year 7 for the Ocean, year 5 for other cars with 4 year warranties. The $1250 charge every 2-3 years is for tires.
Let me know if you find any errors.


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Very nice work- I try to avoid Excel spreadsheets at all costs . Just ask my boss😁
Tire charge should be closer to $1600-$1700 as 22” tires(the majority will select this option as it is n/c for ONE and possibly Extreme as well) run at least $400/apiece.
Even 20” tires are going to be close to your estimated price as i would hope the majority of Ocean Ultra/Extreme owners would choose same quality as oem and not try to save a few $ by sacrificing ride/range/performance.
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