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As my order for a ONE is settled now, I'd like to share my strong K.O. criterias for other suppliers,
which finally 'forced' me to finally buy a Fisker Ocean, only:

My next car must have the following 'characteristics':
  • 100 % electric driven,
  • range of 500++ kilometres,
  • car design with a non-swanky attitude, yet elegant and stylish,
  • non-Chinese production car (there's already coming too much from China ...),
  • car of Western European production only,
  • no car from the VW enterprise (due to their behaviour in Diesel-gate),
  • a certain volume in the trunk (as I am a non-professional drummer, but need to transport my kit from time to time).

So - finally I really had no other choice, didn't I? :)


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Possibly the Ioniq 5 (Korean vs Chinese?), but not sure what the availability in your region is. But I agree with your list of must haves. The range, space (as least what little we know about it), and design are all important to me for my next car. I also like the idea that Fisker has made a sizable effort to try and be environmentally friendly in the design/manufacturing of the Ocean. Finally it's fun to be part of something new and fresh! I know HF is a design and marking person at this point, but I like how he is trying to position Fisker and want to support this type of company.

For me the I am really on the fence between the Ioniq 5 and Ocean. I like what I have seen from the Ocean, but I feel there is just too much that we don't know about it yet. Fortunately I don't need a new car and if I do end up getting an Ocean, it will be more of a want vs need. I also have not gotten an invitation for the One, so I have not had to make the 5k commitment yet. The Ultra is really the trim level that I am the most drawn to, so hopefully as more details come out about the cost of different add ons and features, the Ocean is still price competitively.

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Maybe not the deciding factor, but one that I am most intrigued by (since I don’t have a Tesla - but two VW ID4s) is doing away with the broken US dealership model. I am going to really look forward to not having a dealership and their BS to deal with.

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I chose the Ocean and paid the 5K deposit for the following reasons:

• Love the design, very good looking car
• Sustainable vehicle/green company
• Good range and performance (TBC)
• A different EV than Tesla Y, E-tron, ID4 etc which are everywhere here in Norway
• Magna is a high quality car manufacture with good track record (light assets approach by Fisker)

Wanted initially the Ultra, but need a new car before 1st of Feb.23 (fingersX), so can’t wait for the Ultra Q3-Q4.23. I take the risk with potential early child issues as Magna is behind the manufacturing. I agree that there are alot of information we yet do not know, but we will in a few months. I am confident it will be a fantastic car, and Fisker knows they need to make the Ocean perfect in order to survive with all the EV competition. In retrospec 5K deposit are a bit high for a new player, 2K deposit and 3K vehicles would probably sold out the ‘One’ in round 1.

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You know, the UI seems to not even be in beta. Such a tight deadline could account for the "BIG ASK" up front.
It will account for whole vehicle control and is (I'm sure) the most complex and challenging stage of development.

This is my next car and very first EV because of HF's vision.
My dude wanted Karaoke for gods sake!
Stupid? YES! but it reveals a fresh way of thinking how we should consider our rides going forward.
My faith and my 5K is in the product of all the visionaries within MAGNA and LA.

I cannot wait to experience this beutiful vehicle!

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I would say

1) I wanted a non Tesla (don’t love the look or the pervasiveness of their vehicles). non legacy brand (wanted a digital and electric first experience end-to-end) - although not too choosy if a joint venture or whatever but didn’t want like an EV-Q5. And if I’m honest maybe have some brand snobbery wrt Hyundai or Honda offerings tho suspect like their legacy models they offer outstanding value.

2). The O1 look and size is similar to my Velar and felt more engineered for a city vs. Rivian as an example.

3) the O1 packs a fair number of features into 70k. More loaded than what Audi, Volvo, BMW models at thst price have for sure.

4) trust it’ll come in less than 12 months

5) crosses range threshold for me where can’t think of any trips id have anxiety over. For context. I drive most days but never exceeded 3k miles a year.

6). And most importantly…. California mode

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hmmm, I'm in the 40K to 50K range, so you saying my Sport is gonna cost me 50 grand $$ ?
Henrik has said that they’d hold the pricing for the first 40K reservations, more specifically 2023 pricing (which was calculated to 40K vehicles at one point), that is all I am saying.

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my criteria:
  • practical trunk dimensions (e.g. no hatchback)
  • price v performance
  • acceptable range
  • bi-directional charging preparation / V2H
  • towing ability

things that did not lead me to buy, but I positively take with it:
  • no dealer involved
  • attractive design
  • generous warranty
  • sustainability
  • not produced in China

and BTW not my criteria:
  • solar roof
  • california mode
  • tires
  • AWD
  • UI

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Why I selected an Ocean:

1. AWD with high range(more than 325 miles)
2. Not made in China
3. Does not look like a Kia or Lexus
4. Doggie Windows (this was actually possibly reason 1 or at least 1A)
5. Henrik Fisker is a performance/style minded designer so I knew the Ocean would feel more “coupe” and less “SUV
6. California Mode- miss my convertible days
7. Uniqueness- there are none others on the road and will be in the minority for at least a few years.

Not a factor:
1. No local dealership
2. limited color options with early models (always wanted the Big Sur Blue)
3. I’m still thinking….
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