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which do you think I'd get first? (current status below)

Which car could I receive first?

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If I had no specific preference among these vehicles, which do you think I'd get first based on my current status below?... Location: Chicago

Fisker O1: Rez date 4/30, pre-order 7/20... the purported timelines are well discussed here but seems September 23 is the latest but all USA customers perhaps sooner than that.

VinFast V9: Rez date July 12, no pre-orders yet... ordering process to likely start August-September... they will prioritize 5/30 or earlier reservations for delivery but that could slip similar to O1 pre-orders, latest guidance maintains first deliveries of V9 in december, but even if true, unlikley to include those near my spot in line?.

Polestar 3: Assume I drop a deposit as soon as possible on October 3 debut, seems production starts late Q4 22 or early Q1 23? first USA deliveries???

Other EV SUVs, Rivian etc.? (non-tesla, non-legacy brand only b/c interested in something new, unique vs.Tesla or an EV version of a Q5 or something)
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Do you know if the VinFast VF9 qualifies for the federal tax credit? Logistically, it should, however, the tax credit is based on the size of the battery but since the battery is leased separately I wasn't sure if that affects the tax credit?
Great question... No clue!
Nice insights everyone. Thanks for sharing. I really get the sense there is a ton of demand for the newer EV manufactures at a lot of price points, and the first brand to really figure out a customer centric way to do reservations, ordering, delivery guarantees etc. is going to pop. The current reservation hedging across multiple brands while waiting for info isn’t doing the manufactures or customers much good tho (obviously all facing supply chain etc head winds)
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