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I've been following EVs since the first Tesla Roadster was announced in 2006. Then in 2007 the Volt and 2009 the Leaf concepts were unveiled. I really was interested in them since they were priced within reach. I passed on the Leaf due to the low miles (100 promised was in reality around 75 miles). I leased a 2012 Volt in Oct 2011, one of the first in my state. It was a great car even with a electric range between 25-45 miles and a backup ICE. I used about a tank of fuel per year and was about 90% EV and would have been higher if I didn't take some long trips. It was the first step towards accepting that I could live with a full EV when the range someday would be over 200 miles.

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When Tesla released the Model S, I wish I could get one, but it was priced too high for me at the time. A couple years later, I was a first day reservationist for the Tesla Model 3 in March 2016 since it was priced within reach. Two years later I got to order it, and after another two months, I picked it up. Now I've had the Model 3 over 4 years and will only buy EVs for myself from now on. I started a YouTube channel about my car and have been doing that since the purchase.

I have a lot of reasons for going EV. I love the technology, the quiet smooth drive, the quick acceleration and instant torque, saving money both in fuel and maintenance, doing something good for air quality (my electricity is mostly solar and nuclear) and reducing the amount of gasoline/oil used by our family. We still have two ICE cars left, that I would like to replace someday. My wife has been resistant to getting one for herself, but some I'm trying!

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I never wanted a Tesla. I saw them all the time, I thought they were different, but I never had GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) about them. I honestly just thought they looked kinda boring in terms of design language.

When I heard about the Mach-E and saw pictures, I was hooked. I like a crossover for practical purposes, as I'm not a small guy. I thought it was the sexiest crossover I've seen, and saw it as an aspirational purchase. I've never bought a new car before.

Stars aligned just right, and I bought off the lot for a modest ADM. In the year I've owned it, I have not fallen out of love. Just for the reason of being quiet and powerful, I don't think I'll ever go back to owning an ICE vehicle.

Think about the actual physical constraints/power delivery method of ICE technology vs. BEV, and I think you'll agree with me.

What's better:. Ignition of a pressurized liquid, which pushes a piston, this transfers movement to a rod, which transfers motion to a gear, to another gear, and so on, to move an axle, which then rotates a wheel.

Or: electrical current, which moves two magnets around each other, that then moves a wheel. Seems like a no brainer. What's simpler is better.
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